This is amazing! NAGAOKA Fireworks Display 2014.

NAGAOKA Fireworks Display

Nagaoka matsuri are traditional festive occasions in Niigata Prefecture.

Nagaoka matsuri began in 1946 as a war-damage reconstruction festival.
It is a festival firework is nationally renowned three major hanabi (Fireworks) display in Niigata Prefecture.

The Nagaoka fireworks Festival Show will launch 20.000fireworks in two nights (2nd and 3rd, August),
and will be held against the backdrop of the Shinano River,the longest in Japan.

The most spectacular and magnificent fireworks color the summer night sky of Nagaoka,and attract us.
The breathtaking Nagaoka Fireworks will make unforgettable memories in your hearts.

Ultra-Worldwide Big Screen "Phoenix 10"

"Phoenix" are reconstruction prayer from the earthquake 10 years ago.
fireworks to be launch of the 10th anniversary special "Phoenix 10" this year
big launch at 10 locations,small launch at 19 locations.
2000 shots in 5 minutes beat up at the same time with a width of about 2km.

100 Shot Barrage Fireworks of 12inch shell

TENCHIJIN Fireworks Display

TENCHIJIN fireworks is the story of busho(military commander) Naoe Kanetsugu.
Draw the powerful a grand music and fireworks in the sky.
Take a closer look.kirei!!

KONO SORA NO HANA(Casting Blossoms to the Sky) Fireworks Display

If all the bombs in the world were to change into fireworks, it would bring peace to this world.Such a wish want to tell.


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The Nagaoka Festival Grand Fireworks Show

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